Information for Teachers

This is a comprehensive learning experience that stands alone with its own complete age appropriate program. The Chicks R Us experience can complement other program themes such as farms, living things, visual arts, growing pp, cycles in our world and cyclic patterns in nature.
You will receive a comprehensive teaching resource booklet featuring activities across all KLA's with built in outcomes and indicators from the current syllabus. Separate booklets are available for Pre-School, Out of School Hours Care, Early Stage One, Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three and Stage Four programs. Booklets also include extensive background information, information for teachers, literature lists and reference web sites.
All activities are photocopy ready and suitable for student portfolios. We also supply ideas which fit the six key learning areas for children so they easily can be incorported.
Everything is done for you. You do nothing!! Even your noticeboard letter for parents is supplied.
Children will want to return to the viewing everyday because they are excited and eager to see the latest development in the hatching program. How many more chicks have hatched? What colours are they? What are they doing now?
The program offers a unique country experience for our city children.
Because the eggs hatch over the week all children from all days experience the hatchings. If a child is away one day they still get an ongoing experience the next day. As all children in your centre can be involved, all the families enrolled can share the cost. This makes Chicks R US "Very Cheep" compared to a 45 minute entertainment show at the same price (or more).
It offers children a short term experience sharing and caring experience for their classroom "friend".
All the fun & action happens in the classroom, you don't leave the school. No excursion hassles, rain hail or shine.
Chicks R Us is Sydney-based so if you need any support or have any questions during the egg-hatching program, we are close by to render assistance.
We are a registered business with our own Public Liability insurance. We comply with NSW Agricultural Animal Welfare Inspectorial Office guidelines. We also comply with AEC guidelines for teaching activities involving the hatching of chickens and follow "approved procedures". Teachers in schools do not need to seek special approval.

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OPEN 7 Days
Monday 9am—3pm
Tuesday 10am –5.30
Wed 11am—5.30
Thurs 11am—3.30pm
Fri 11am—3.30pm
Saturday 9.30– 3.30
Sunday 9.30– 1.00
Public Holidays Closed

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